yuletide greetings from eo & family.

hello bloggers! no hiatus here, i am being consistent, seeing as it’s almost 2010, I need to stay true to my resolution and maintain enfin oui regularly, so why not start now? ok, with that being said, I will bear another message to you.

I hope your holidays are filled with just as much joy & happiness as mine have been filled with.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas- being with my family, enjoying delicious food, opening presents, and most of all, the stories we share. I think just about everyone was satisfied with their gifts they received- I certainly was/am! But as we all know, tis not the gifts you get, tis the company you experience, and that is certainly what Christmas 09 was all about! But there are a few gifts I received that I’m incredibly happy with- Hunter Rain Boots, Rayban Wayfarers, Tiffany Heart Earrings, Amazing Grace Perfume, and a Pandora Charm bracelet. I’m thankful for my family and friends, and everyone from my clan to yours wishes you the best Holiday ever.

Pictures will make their way up on EO when I return home.

Until then,

Ever yours,



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