reprise of 2009

so here’s a recap of 2009 in photos of my life & the media.

happy thanksgiving 09 at oakroom with patty

art.jpg picture by soccercrayz247

summer nights, no curfew

summer days- bug bites and forts

IMG_7859.jpg picture by soccercrayz247

happy birthday erika! january 6th, 2009

summer with family, cole & nana

windy cold camping in conway NH, with Willeeum.

swinging on long summer nights with m.

i guess I had a think for swings in the summertime… little cousin milo

charlie’s angels? higgins beach? hell yeah.

the addams family- joined by leon.

camping with long exposures

camping with long exposures x2

oh hey exchange street- hittin’ on models.

welcome summer 09!

my fourth of july, spent on a rooftop with bubbly and friends.

big 60th, not hers, my uncles.

johnny b and bowtie.

new years eve kickass party of 08!


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