are you tone deaf? tradition continues..

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to the blogging world:

I did an entire reprise of 2009 last evening, stayed up so late to finish…and when I went to post it, my draft was lost and I had nothing to start from. Obviously, I sank into disappointment, and went to bed to get passed the temporary sadness. today though, was quite eventful and quite lovely. i met m for coffee quite early…and i had a double shot espresso latte…bad choice so early in the morning. i watched her get her hair cut and then i met with friends and got more coffee..but this time tea for me, and we sat and exchanged coversation for a good hour. we drove out to the cove and walked around and sat and talked and looked at cottages and oil tankers. and then we took an adventure through brush and bramble and i got thorns stuck in my legs and moccasins, and my tights have so many strains in them, but i am okay, and to be honest, i did enjoy my bramble excursion. i felt like a real adventurer. we sat and listened to chameleon by herbie hancock and then we drove back to town where we searched high & low for dish rags, glittens, and cds. along our search we picked up some cocoa and i got my mother a tea pot, vase, incense, worry dolls, and prayer flags. after achieving our goal, we drove to pearl and i left and then toasted my mother with a bottle of bubbly (DEAR CHAMPAGNE, yknow, I realized you’re quite a nice friend, and you taste better sweetened, but I love you all the same). we ate some delicious cheese and then we exchanged stockings and gifts. I got some wonderful things! socks for one! a calender! a pandora charm bracelet! the vintage cocktail dress of my dreams !! (notice the 2 exclamation points), as well as harold & maude and tea for the tillerman. m came over and we all went to the corner room where we enjoyed one anothers company and good food. today was fantastic, and I’m so glad I spent it the way I did.

What did you do on this fine Christmas Eve’s Eve?

ever yours,


IMG_1048.jpg picture by soccercrayz247

cocktail dress of my dreams


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