winter solstice wishes.

as far as yesterday went it was the best day i had enjoyed in a while. i went to the cbean and heard some kickass tunes from some of the coolest kids on the block, and following that joined them at the porthole for brunch, which was just how it has always been…. fantastic. after warming up inside the porthole, we braved the chills and went out adventuring in Portland’s downtown- which ultimately led us to taking a horse ride and then enjoying each other’s company at a toy store. when everyone left, i returned home with a dear friend- annie, and we reminsced our past and i think i took a nap on her shoulder for a bit, then I don’t really recall the rest of the evening, i didn’t do much, but i did work on a 2009 reprise entry which out to be up either tonight…however I feel sleepy, or tomorrow evening.

with that being said, tomorrow is the last day of school for a while, which makes me incredibly happy- im also going to the theatre tomorrow evening with M, and I cannot wait. I’m working too…. hm, and I’m giving gifts. Today was kinda nice, besides school… I came home and took a nap from 3-5 and it was fantastic. then mere came over, and we talked about the dream i had last night, and then we made a huge dinner and drank champagne and danced to 80s tunes. not to mention…more champagne, i walked her home, and then i came home, and now im here, on my couch happy that today was the winter solstice. this week promises many exciting days and i couldn’t be more pleased. i am quite drowsy though (DEAR CHAMPAGNE, I HATE YOU WHEN YOU MAKE ME TIRED LOVE, EO) and I am going to go take a rinse and then fall asleep to some neutral milk and see if I wake up on time.

ever yours,


(PS: tell me what you’ve been upta)


One thought on “winter solstice wishes.

  1. what a wonderful evening. It seems as though you have met your soul mate. Remember,a soul mate does not have to be a lover. Enjoy your evening at the theatre tonight and I can’t to hear more about your adventures.
    xoxo A

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