nightmare in the northern hemisphere

my oh my, i warned you about my blogging hiatus! and it came, and now its gone, so please expect regular posts from the enfinoui team. the past three days i’ve been overwhelmingly busy- my best friend arrived thursday and i also had a big yankee swap thursday too, so i was preoccupied with those things. friday i had classes, and work, and then raced to meet Mere for dinner around 7, needless to say I didn’t get home until 1045ish, and then the next day, or erm yesterday I went to the winter solstice debate tournament. my ballots went 3-1 but I’m not too happy with this. and then after the debate was over i went to the bellafiore soiree with some close friends, and eventually retired home with M and exchanged gifts for christmas, as far as today goes, i’m going to the c.bean and then possibly doing more xmas shopping/eating.. 🙂 i’ll update with photos and what not sometime soon, but i’m so tired & lazy..

i have a toothbrush sticking out of my mouth for proof of both claims.


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