you & me, we go together like carrots and peas.

and here’s an applause for E.O. with breaking promise after promise. no surprise today- I got home later than expected, and I’ve been doused with homework like one would douse a cigarette in gasoline before being in a movie… well, I suppose that would never happen…. but moving on the point here is that my surprise? still hasn’t exactly happened. i woke up incredibly late this morning and really just wanted to stay in bed and listen to simon & garfunkel and sip tea. but i left and went to classes which were more pointless than ever!! after that, i took an hour off and went intown to do some christmas shopping (i picked up a sweater vest, some vinyl, a munny, and a book) then I worked a six hour shifty shifty. i still have some stuff to do tonight ie shower, try and produce something for lookbook(don’t really think that’s gonna happen though), pick up the bedroom, and go to bed. thankfully all academic work is done! other than like 2 questions on a take home math test..

this here is the best play:

ive read it countless times and i adore it- if you haven’t… DO SO!

tomorrow:? classes, shoppping….much needed shopping, yankee swap (were you invited??), wrappin’ gifts, cleaning, etc. oh yeah…and studying for the academic decathalon- please please keep your remarks to yourself, i neednt hear you call me a nerd.  tonight my favorite things are:

amelie poulain:

top three favorite songs:

La Noyee by Yann Tiersen

Train Song by Vashti Bunyan

Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde


cute chandeliers:

this walrus:

and of course: BJORK

ever yours,

E.O. xo.



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