little boxes on the hillside…


so much for my frikkin’ surprise children.

The above party looks like so much fun and I hope everyone knows I’m planning on doing this Saturday Evening with Miss M herself.

my surprise still has not actually….appeared. it will tomorrow…even though I work until 8pm. I’ll try & get things done- I’ve just been busy with school work, cleaning, and getting gifts packaged…and decorating the house. A finally set up the xmas tree- its not in a big bucket anymore, its in a small one. and I think things are starting to pan out, merci mon dieu, because for a while there, nothing was happening. tomorrow, classes til 1 and then work of course..until 8 oclock- and school work after that, but perhaps I’ll try to do it between 6 & 8 so I can be productive at home from 8 onward. heh. not so sure at this point. anyway, if i do happen to go on a blogging hiatus, do not disregard me, just realize that yuletide is the most wonderful time of year and i have lots to do. lookbook is being update continuously however, so you can check that out [lookbook.nu/enfinoui] i’m about to snuggle in to my lovely bed which has fresh sheets and everything and listen to the lovin’ spoonful before i rest my eyes for a mere 7 1/2 hours. please tell me your day was better than mine. capricorns just don’t have it in the stars for them this week and i suppose that’s a sure sign that winter break needs to hurry up & arrive!

oh yeah…alice in wonderland has been runnin’ through my head all day today. weird, yeah? that’s what I thought too…


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