communist tea pots, positive reinforcement, plenty of chamomille


so about that surprise i promised yesterday– well..its not here. y’see, I was quite busy when I got home from work, so I couldn’t complete le petit projet, mais demain i plan on finishing it! fairly simple day today- tests and what not, work and what not, finished a ton of christmas presents and what not, and updated lookbook! oh and now I am going to write about theme and perhaps do a tad bit of maths. so so dreadful…

i think i have courted myself another helper on enfinoui, but he won’t start shooting until apres noel, which is okay with me, i do like having A help me out. oh a quirk about today- i wore my $2 cowboy boots.

yknow who i miss a whole lot? this boy:

ari gold + e.o. = love.

ever yours,

e.o. xo 


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