internal vs. external damage

What did today consist of?
Waking up late, in the comfort of my flannel assisted bed to little sassy-kitten hoping on my stomach,
Is there a better wake up call you can think of? Well…I sure cannot. I got myself up, ate grilled veggie sandwiches and put threads on.  I walked up to the west end with a and the photo above was a result. Halfway through shooting however, it started to rain, so we left, and I went on a hunt to find some good vinyl deals- I came back with SPIKE by Costello ❤ and an ELO masterpiece. Grand total? I know you’re curious… $7. I’m certainly a big spender. Anywho, I left the vinyl store, and walked to the thrift shoppe where I found the dress of my dreams a few days ago- which I didn’t try on because I was so scared it wouldn’t fit. Today however, I tried it on, and it fit miraculously! Its so gorgeous, and its my understanding that santa is aware of my desire and he’s more than likely picking it up on Wednesday/Thursday!

So happy. Besides that, I had a difficult time getting home because it was hard to maneuver the iced sidewalks in a safe manner- can I please put a call into the city manager and insist on a snow day for tomorrow?! I could get so much done. However there is little to no chance of a snow day tomorrow… speaking of tomorrow I can’t relay any good information. I have to go to class & after that I am working. ONLY 2 days this week though! I have much to do to prepare for M’s arrival, as well as for the Yuletide which is gaining momentum in approach. Anyway, I ought to study for mes exams which happen to be tomorrow. HOLY WOW. I don’t know how i forgot this vital piece of gold, but I got invited onto lookbook! see my looks at lookbook.nu/enfinoui!

I think tomorrow I’m going to post a surprise! But we’ll see.
Ever yours,


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