my holiday cards BELOW.

HAPPY CHANUKAH TO YOU. I ought to be blogging daily- however the past two days I’ve had the worst wireless internet you could believe! Also, my past few days haven’t been as lovely as they were promising to be, when is it that the universe will stop THRUSTING obstructions at me!? This I cannot answer, however I can tell you what’s been goin’ on. STARTING with today kitties. CHANUKAH! Hm, I worked (been there, done that, never again…), and then I came home, saw my two little cousins, went to the grocer, and then went to a Chanukah party where I listened to my dear friend Max play the Hanukah Song as well as Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel. Then I left and came home all to eat more tiramisu. Yesterday was a shame- it looked promising to begin with but it lacked the satisfaction I yearned for.

I partied a bit, and then I realized that it wasn’t a party at all- it was where the non-cool kids were actually trying to be cool and nothing exciting happened for me! But I did buy myself a shirt with two owls on it. PICTURE BELOW. & on that note, not too sure what happened to it…and I spotted my dream dress which i’m trying on tomorrow…hopefully. The day prior…nothing happened, I worked. I worked four days this week- and for next week, I’m working Monday & Wednesday. Tuesday is a day of debate and crafting, and Thursday is the debate yankee swap AND m is coming up. friday…girls night. but as a special treat for hanukah I have this for all you jews @ heart.


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