a pleasant surprise!


i thought of twiggy a lot today…. not too sure why..

we had our first snowday of the year today- and i must say, waking up i didn’t think school would be cancelled (you see it hadn’t even began to snow) but i realized school was off so i slept in. i suppose it started snowing while i was asleep because when i woke up there was some more snow on the ground and it was freezing raining out. it was miserable, i hiked through the outdoors a few times and overall i realized i really truly do hate winter.

i came home after an appointment on india st. and took a nice long bath, when i finished that i braided my hair and put it up and did my makeup sort of like marilyn monoroe’s. i then braved the weather again & met my mom for drinks at the corner room where we shared cran&ginger, house wine, & a delicious cappucino that made it easier to unwind from the rather uneventful day. since then we’ve consumed a wonderful buffet of frozen food, finished season five of entourage, played with sassy-cat, did a tad bit of bio, and at this point, im going to write an essay on insomnia- hopefully before midnight if all goes well, im really trying to upload a photo, but the signal is weak which drives me insane. cheers to thursday!


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