not meant to be malicious…sid vicious.

Tuesdays! never ever good days, if you ask me. Always worse than Mondays…

but okay nonetheless. I had very intelligent conversations today with very great people. I debated a bit, and I realized, that I am done cutting my bangs. As for the blue black dye, it’s a comin’, I just gotta save a bit of money to do that. I am home for a brief time, then I will go and return Entourage, season 3 part 2 disc 1 and get the next installment of that. After videoport, I suppose I’m headed up to this paper store…so I can buy pretty pieces of paper for my christmas cards I’m making. I have a lot to do this evening- homework, debate case re structuring and of course, crafting. I’d like to get decent sleep, and watch a movie or two as well… the remainder of the week, besides Friday, I’m working… lovely, but I do need cash. I think another entry on enfin.oui come again this evening. Isn’t sid sucha stud?


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