lurking in the nighttime shadows

I am blogging and being obnoxious at the same exact time kitties. I am filling out an app I’ve been meaning to fill out and it’s due Dec 4, 2009 and I don’t think I’ll make the deadline. Today was interesting. I don’t remember the part about classes- I remember dozing off in my feathery bed though. I remember talking to a few folks from the past- oh so pleasant…or is it? And I stirred the pot.

Perhaps Isaac is right when he tells me drama is everywhere in my life. Although I don’t like the sounds of it, because it’s too messy and what not. I babysat and really just sat on a couch. My jaw, so very stiff.  I could go for a marvel ice cream cake and a glass of something fancy. I am at the beach house tomorrow-sunday. next week? blogging from cambridge/jp, n’ameen- love you too.


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