cheap thrills and costly antidotes.

(this is on halloween night, its my friend meredith, annie & i, ’twas a very lovely evening)
It’s been quite terrible,
my lack of blogging.
I really want to make this a very nice blog
that people come to visit, so from now on I am going to make sure that happens

I bought  very nice new camera today- a canon sx120. the photos are so clear, and its much better than my old one
I also got a new ipod, which is very lovely too. it can hold my whole library if i wish it to!

I’ll be taking many new photos with my new camera.
Today was nice though, I spent nice time with my mother
and I went and bought these new electronics.
Then we got pizza and movies and some music too (elvis costello’s imperial bedroom & frank zappa’s cheap thrills)
I saw the irish boy who works at the pizza place, and i imagined him in a boxing match.

I cannot sleep late today for I must work, but thats alright because wednesday i don’t need to go & learn
it’s veteran’s day. so i will sleep late and take photos all day. i haven’t anything to upload for photos…anything recent that is, so i used this photo


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