I’ve got green eyes & the devil’s dancin’ in my heart.

SO I’m still super sorry. I’ve really been sick for this long.

I also took a little holiday to boston to escape the madness i call portland. it was too short, and my camera was taken away- so I really don’t have too many recent photos at all- which truly does make me sad. i hope i will get to use one for halloween, because that night there will be many parties to attend, and many fancy people to photo.

i don’t know where to begin, not too much has happened ever since becoming sick- i end up sleeping a lot, and i haven’t worked much at all, i suppose i should start that up again. i’ve been painting pieces all over town, and i think that sooner or later SINE VITA will have made her mark. today i was going to go paint with evan, who is my friend, but instead i stayed home and painted a tree.

its very late right now- only 11:05, but i’ve had my tea, and my eyes really are closing. i hope to start blogging again regularly but until i get that camera, im not sure how interesting my posts shall be. anyway this here is a lovely photo (i suppose it’s above this post..) that my lovely friend bela took. i like it a lot. its quite fantastic- she’s quite fantastic. and i do an okay job just standing there in the photo.


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