sine vita.

I’m sorry. I haven’t died or anything.

I’m just so sick. my throat is so scratchy and it makes me very sad.

this week has been busy- class everyday and there were many exams too. so im quite braindead. the weather’s been interesting too. there were sunshowers monday, terrential downpours wednesday, and today it was 48 degrees. I’m not sure why. it makes me sad. i bought a record today- by experimental pollen, and i got a dead kennedys cd too. this week i bought cds from the following bands/groups:

dead kennedys, GZA, Portishead, mission to burma, frank zappa, de la soul, experimental pollen, and a random grab bag. everything’s sounding good and in order. i found out I’m going to see Echo & the Bunnymen on Nov. 23rd at the House of Blues in Boston with my aunt Kate.

I’m very much looking forward to it.

today was okay- i am happily anticipating the long weekend and cannot wait to sleep and take photos.
i did my first tag today. it was in gold. it looks nice, but very very amateur.

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